Our work

Komonen FarmThe aim of A Rocha Finland is to enhance nature conservation work in Finland, especially among Christians. This is done, for example, by the following means:

– We organize events and courses

– We publish an internet journal, the first one in Finnish to concentrate on Christianity and nature

– We share information between environmental organizations and congregations

– We produce resources for Christian environmental education

Excursions to the Finnish archipelago AaslaCongregations and other organisations can invite us to give talks on Christian Nature conservation and to present our work and visions. We are also open to new ideas and co-operation. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

After months of planning A Rocha Finland was founded in Vivamo in 2002. The initial committee, chaired by Docent Lennart Saari, was warmly welcomed both in academic circles and in churches. The Christian media has also shown a growing interest in A Rocha Finland. Since 2012 the chairperson has been Dr. Panu Pihkala. Currently activities are concentrated in the capital area, but there is a local group also in Lempäälä and activity in Turku. Most work is still done on a volunteer basis, but in Autumn 2015 a first part-time employee was hired.